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 Posted: Wed Feb 18th, 2009 02:39 am
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susansweet3 wrote: Suggestions for help on term paper. A term paper is assigned not to find new information as much as to teach one how to find information. There is a wonderful source on the internet called Google. If you put in the subject you wish to write about it will come up with hundreds of references on the subject. Another good source is to use . Put in the name of your subject and dozens of books will come up that you can use as references .

You are very lucky to have accecss to the internet. Most of us on here wrote dozens and dozens of research papers without it. We went to the library and used the card catalog. The readers guide to Periodicals,and microfilm to find the information we needed. I would have given anything to have had a computer back in those dark ages.

Miss Susan, i am very well aware of the fact that there is something called Google, and i do NOT use a computer for my info. i try to use electronics as little as possible.

im too cheap to buy books because i believe it is a sin to even think about spending money.

thank you very much for a few titles fedreb. i believe American Brutus is one of the few books my local library has on the topic.

Javal, what in the world is Reader's Guide to Periodic Literature?

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