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 Posted: Fri Aug 18th, 2006 04:48 am
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David White wrote: Good comments Mike but I should have directed my question, I was hoping JD would comment on where he lies on the spectrum between Nesbitt's interpretation and Ward and Bowden.

I've always thought JEB gets a raw deal and tend to fall in line closer to Nesbitt.  I though Bill Ward and I were going to have to be seperated a few years ago when his book first came out, probably didn't help that I'm an Aggie and he's a teasip (Texas University and he was a football player for that place no less).

I've always thought JEB tried to follow the spirit of Lee's order had to make a quick decision, made a reasonable decision based on the information at hand and it ultimately turned out to be the wrong decision due to the friction of war (Bush W anyone?  How about them apples Javal ;)?).


It will be a pro take on Stuart's activities during the campaign.  The problem I have always had with the GB Campaign in terms of Stuart, is that if he was so important to the march up North, why Lee ever gave him the green light to even venture into a ride like that.  Makes no sense to me.

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