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 Posted: Thu Feb 19th, 2009 07:15 pm
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LOL David.   Actually I have never tried to take paranormal pictures .  I work one day a week in the Drum Barracks here in Wilmington California.  The only remaining building of a military post of 60 some arcres built in 1862 to keep the peace in the area.  Carlton was the first commander,  Col Curtis the one here most of the Civil War and Stoneman commanded an almost empty post in the late 1860's.  There are all kinds of legends about the place.  It has appeared on Unsolved Mysteries and Most Haunted.  In the four years I have been here I have never heard. smelled or saw anything. 


The director who is there of course more often than I am and has been there for eight years only hears noises and smells tobacco at times.  She has never seen anything. 

Maybe the reason we don't see more is neither of us wants to. 

When we have special events I am usually in the library . This room is downstairs on the North east side of the building .  It is always the coldest room.  The whole building is cold .  It is a 19th century 14 foot high ceiling woodframe building .  We have no heating in the place except small space heaters .  I had a woman once who told me the reason the library is so cold is it is the vortex for the entry into the other world.  She kept trying to prove it to me by showing me how much warmer it was in the hall than the library.  Gee maybe because the hall is narrow and doesn't have so much open area?  She was angry too as I could not allow her to take pictures.  She said she could see all kinds of things.  We do not allow pictures to be taken inside the museum.  Policy of the museum. 

I don't care if it is haunted or not.  I love the place .  Love what I am doing there once a week and special events. And I honor the men that once manned the post during trying times.  Civil War and Indian Wars afterwards. 


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