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 Posted: Sun Feb 22nd, 2009 03:34 am
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I am trying to build a data base on my books so I know what I have .  I made a different data base for each subject I am interested in.  I am way far away from finishing the data base but so far I have entered

208  in American History plus 15 more Lewis and Clark

308 in Civil War

155 mysteries and that doesn't include the five or six boxes sitting here to give away. Also all the ones that are not yet on the data base.  I have given away already most of my mysteries before I started the data base

68 in literature which is a a catatgory I have not really worked on yet

53 Women's studies

300 plus that are in mini catagories  trains, art, music etc.


world history haven't begun to catalog all my medieval and Elizabethan history I haven't even touched yet.  Nor all my art books .  agghhhhhh I am addicted. 

Then there is my primers preprimers and other text book collection including two huge preprimer easel books that were used in the early 50's

I gave to the high school last year 100 books on theatre arts including plays and other materials . 

I really need to get the rest of the collection cataloged but oh well. 


Fan , I love my collection of Dick and Jane.  The nice thing is I quietly collected them over the years and never paid more than a few dollars for them.  I looked on ebay once and choked.  I use to visit second hand bookstores when I traveled to check out the shelves for used old text .  There is one book I don't have that I wished I did.  It was the fourth grade California history text I used when I was a kid.  At the begining of each chapter it had a full page print of a famous iccidents in California history.  I loved the one of Jedidiah Smith walking up to San Gabriel Mission .  The First man from the Eastern United States in California .   There was a great one of the Ranchos too .   I can see them in my head as easy now as when I was a kid.


Most of the books I have read except the Civil War books that I have started collecting where I can and now am working though.


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