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 Posted: Sun Feb 22nd, 2009 03:26 pm
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Born in the wrong century

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So give , what's the title and author??

Sorry, wasn't sure if anyone would be interested. :P It's called Almost a Bride, by Jane Feather. It's set in England, during the time of the French Revolution. Jack Fortescue, Duke of St. Jules, has a score to settle with the man who betrayed his sister (who was living in France at the time) to the Revolution which in turn led to her death. So he's hounded the man (a ne'er do well who gambled away his fortune) and driven him to suicide (the only honorable thing to do when one can't pay up on one's gambling debts), inherited this man's estates (the man had wagered them at the gaming tables...and lost), and has now married the man's half-sister. Naturally, the half-sister has no idea what has really happened, only that she's entered into a "marriage of convenience." Also naturally, Jack does not expect to fall in love with Arabella. But this is high romance, so we know (without even peeking at the back of the book) that and that love shall triumph, and Jack and Arabella will live happily ever after!

What? You didn't want to watch Kyle "Rowdy" Bush win yet another race...or two?

LOL! Oh, spare me! I'm just thankful that there was a hockey game on TV I could watch instead. It was Hockey Day in Canada, and CBC was carrying a triple-header. I live close enough to Windsor, Canada to be able to watch Canadian television. The best game was the Montreal-Ottawa game, because Montreal won and I've been a die-hard Canadiens fan since I was in high school. :)  

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