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 Posted: Tue Feb 24th, 2009 03:10 am
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My Mother taught me to love books at a very early age. Some of my best childhood memories are of sitting in her lap as she read to me from the bible. When I was about Three she started taking me to the library and letting me pick out books. Then we would go home and read them the time I entered Elementary school I was already reading real books while others were Dick and Jane-ing it. By third grade I was reading/comprehending at a college freshman level.Through the years reading has been my ace in the hole when it comes to amassing knowledge rapidly on a given subject. Reading has entertained, sustained, consoled, and enlightened me throughout my entire life thanks to a mom who took the time to share the love of reading with her son.

My collection at this time numbers an estimated 400 books of assorted categories such as history(ancient to present day), sci-fi novels, horror novels, biographies, musical subjects, classics etc.
My main problem is my inability to trade or sell a book once I've read it.....which would explain the old "Charlie Brown" collections I found in a box the other day LOL.

I also can't seem to rid myself of certain historical magazine back issues either:D

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