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 Posted: Tue Feb 24th, 2009 06:17 am
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Born in the wrong century

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I too got my love of books and reading from my mother, and at a very early age. I've never taken the time to actually count my books, but let me give an idea of why I think of my house as being more like a library. Downstairs, between the living room and dining room are three 3-tiered bookcases...filled with Civil War books. One case is all "Eastern Theater" books, and the other (naturally), the "Western Theater." Those are in the living room. In the dining room is Mom's "Longstreet Shrine" -- her books on Old Pete (who my Jack Russel is also named for), along with numerous trivia and basic reference books, above which hangs a print of Longstreet we bought her for Christmas one year.

Upstairs, in the hallway, is another bookcase -- also filled with Civil War books, fiction and non-fiction. In my bedroom, I have several stacks of books covering various genres -- romance (historicals, Regency and paranormal -- hey, what's wrong with a sexy vampire now and then?), mysteries (Sister Fidelma series, Benjamin January series, and others), and a hutch-style headboard that is filled with books, books, and more books. My private stock of Arthurian fiction and non-fiction, Michael Moorcock fantasies, and my favorite Civil War/sci-fi books, the Lost Regiment series by William Fortchen.

In the computer room / library, there are 6 more bookcases. Books in here include many and varied history books (Medieval history, Wars of the Roses, and my Richard III collection), my Sherlock Holmes collection, how-to and reference books, all my volumes pertaining to genealogy, and all my notebooks and other books related by my own Civil War specialty -- the 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and Battery H (Huntington's Battery), 1st Ohio Light Artillery.

Biblio-maniac? Yeah, I guess I resemble that! :)

And, oh yeah -- who the heck has the will power to get rid of a book, even if it's one you've read?

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