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 Posted: Tue Feb 24th, 2009 06:35 am
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I am getting rid of mysteries and some other fiction as I don't have room for my Civil war books.  My house is over flowing with books and I have run out of room.  Wednesday I am having dinner with a young woman I have known since before she was born.  I also taught her in first grade.  She calls me Auntie Sue.  She is a high school English teacher and theatre arts is another interest of hers.  I took her to her first Shakespeare when she was 13.  I am giving her about three or four bags of literature books .  A book in the hand is worth two on the shelf. 

Besides all my adult books I have still a huge collection of children's books.  I was looking at some of them today .  I can't give those away.  Some have writing in the front of the book such as the one that says I give you this book.  My students use to give me books for gifts . 

Sounds like you are a sister of the book all right .


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