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 Posted: Tue Feb 24th, 2009 04:42 pm
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One of my favorite things to do is visit bookstores when I travel.  I never pass up a national park bookstore but there are small regional bookstores out there also many of them used bookstores.  Where are your favorites? 

Here in Huntington Beach California we have the huge Barnes and Noble and not far away is also Boarders.  I quit going to Barnes and Noble as I can never find a seat to look at the books I want to consider buying .  There seem to be people sleeping in the overstuffed chairs and the teens have all the tables and chairs taken up doing homework .  What happened to the library or staying home ?  oh well that is another thread.

Anyway.  My favorite bookstore here is a little used bookstore called Book Carnival.  They have chairs and stools in each aisle so you can sit and read the shelves. The front of the store always has boxes and boxes of books .  The Civil War section and California History section are quite good.  I usually find something of interest there and in good condition.   The staff is also very friendly. 

Traveling around I use to love Harvard Square when I visited my brother but sadly most of those bookstores are gone.

When we were in Springfield last summer across from the Old State House and next to the Lincoln Herdon Law office was a super used bookstore.  We all had a feeding freezy there.

I have not found a bookstore in South Carolina yet except Books a Million.  That is because I don't have my own transportation and am with my friends who are trying to help me curtail my habit. lol

In Tennessee I actually found in Sevierville a outlet bookstore like I use to haunt .  I picked up several Civil War books there last December including one on David Farragut I was looking for  and it only cost me eight dollars hardback.

So where do you go ?

Susan the book Maven

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