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 Posted: Wed Feb 25th, 2009 11:43 pm
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In San Francisco City Lights Bookstore is one of the great places to go.  Lawrence Ferlingetti  the beat poet founded the store.  It was the first all paperback book store .  I use to head for North Beach and City Lights as soon as I got to the City.  Other stores there were also good.  One of my favorite and I don't know if it is still there or not was A Clean Well Lighted Place.  Since Hemingways short story of the same name was a favorite I liked this store.  Also for second hand books green apple.


Sad to say one of the best independent bookstores ever in Berkeley California closed it's doors.  Cody's was a wonderful bookstore.  Great selection of books.  I did have an interesting experience there once though. 

I have lived in the suburbs too long .  I was teaching one summer in the City and went over to Berkely to go to the bookstores.  I was inside Cody's  bend down looking at some really nice note cards.  All of a sudden a strange smell was covering me it seemed.  I slight turned and looked and there was a homeless man very close to me.  He stuck out his hand and in a loud voice said "Give me money Lady"!!!  I was so taken aback. ... I screamed at him  " I don't have any money!!!"  and ran out of the store all the way down the block to my car and drove back to the City . 

A little over reaction on my part.  But now a funny story to me.


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