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 Posted: Sat Aug 19th, 2006 03:47 pm
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Well i have done quiet a bit of research on Quantrill and the other guerillas, and yes he was brutal, but war is brutal . Have you ever seen"Ride with the Devil" that is a mild interpertation on what happen here in MO and Kansas . I am not saying that Lawrence was not a bad day but do you know that a year before Osceola,MO. was pretty much the same deal except it was union forces burnin a southern town. The Lawrence thing for Quantrill is what the march to the sea is for Sherman something people love to hate him for . I will say not a  woman was harmed in Lawrence Quantrill himself made sure of that . What i think people dont consider was that Quantrill before the conflict was a school teacher in OH. so what took him from being a school teacher to leader of "Bandits"? Well for Quantrill he came west with his brother   camping near  Lawrence , a group of Kansas Union Men rode up shot  Quantrill and his brother and left them for dead and stole all they had , because they had heard they were "southern men"that was how the war was fought in MO/KS. Very personaly  

 Good books on the MO. border conflict would be.

We Rode with Quantrill by Donald R Hale

Jennisons Jayhawkers by Stephen Z Starr

Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy by Richard S Brownlee

They Called him Bloody Bill by Donald Hale

and others there also are some good sites on the subject I can point you to

There is a line in "Ride With the Devil" If you want battles go out east here you just go the people to fight ya" that was the war in MO/KS Brother against Brother , Family against family . Course maybe i just live here so i Look at it differently.


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