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 Posted: Sat Feb 28th, 2009 12:22 am
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It's funny you should mention seeds from Monticello, because I have gotten seeds from there! About ten years ago, when my husband and went there, I brought home seeds: lantana, hollyhocks and a gorgeous, tall yellow hibiscus. The lantana is long gone, but the dark red almost black "Watchman" hollyhocks are still around (fifth generation seeds) and every year I forget about the hibiscus until it begins to grow sometime in July. By October, it's about 7 feet tall and filled with beautiful butter yellow flowers. It's in an inconvenient place, but I haven't the heart to move it! I love the idea of having seeds/plants from historic places: on my first trip to Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, I collected acorns and catalpa seeds from Chatham manor, and Ellwood. I'd like to get a historic tree sapling of some sort to replace a tree we cut down last year.

Devils Den, those sunflowers sound terrific. I've never been lucky with sunflowers and really wish I could be. Either I don't have the space or the light, or the bugs or chipmunks get them. I sincerely wish I had your gardening space in my backyard!


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