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 Posted: Sun Mar 1st, 2009 04:05 pm
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A couple of years ago, I spent a month in Hawaii--as you can imagine, I took hundreds of photos of all kinds of things.  The cemeteries there are very different from the ones around here, so I took a few pictures.  One of them has a "misty" spot right above a grave that is like an "orb" except it's more square-ish.  This is the ONLY photo of the hundreds I took that had anything on it.

As for historic places, the same pattern has occurred.  I have taken hundreds of photos.  On one 3-week trip to Gettysburg, the only picture that has anything on it is one I took at the Cashtown Inn on June 30th.  There was a group of Confederate reenactors standing outside--the photo is covered with "mist".  Again, none of the other photos have anything unusual on them.

One morning, I sat at the Eternal Peace Light and took pictures of the scenery from there.  On one picture there is a smokey blob in the field.  When you look closely at it (I swear) you can see a Confederate soldier running.  I know we all see shapes in clouds, but the photos I took of the same area--right before and right after--have no smokey blobs, and there weren't any there to see, either.  Also, other teachers that I have shown it to say it does look like a soldier (some don't see it)--it's very weird and interesting, but it's very hard to say I believe in ghosts or anything even with these photos as well as others I have taken on battlefields that are covered with orbs.  Many pictures don't have orbs--it's highly coincidental that they show up in certain places.

At my daughter's wedding--with all the hundreds of photos taken--there are no orbs--except for one picture of myself and my two sisters.  Right next to us is an orb--and we say it must be our deceased sister standing with us.

Later today, when I have more time, I'll try posting them

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