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 Posted: Sun Mar 1st, 2009 10:06 pm
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No offense taken, really.  I'm aware that most, including T.A.P.S. doesn't give much credence to the presence of orbs, but I'm just saying, in that particular photo, there was no smudge on the lens and nothing walking around to create dust or particulates.  I've seen both sides presented, true orbs and false ones and I understand why some get a little excited when they see the dust fly.

As to what orbs consist of, I'm not sure, they may be just energy; whether it's "spirit" energy is another question.  I did manage to get lots of orbs on my own property when the weather was still, clear, dry and absolutely noone had been walking around at night.  So, when I get bright or unusual anomalies, I get a little excited. 

I actually captured two bright round "orb-like" anomalies around two of my family members while taking random shots, but consecutive shots showed none.  I'm far from having any expertise, but can discern between dust, camera straps and similar false anomalies that I've seen in other photos.

That's what this forum is all about, right?  Opinions, pros and cons.  Hopefully, we can keep it going and have fun in the process.

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