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 Posted: Sun Mar 1st, 2009 10:14 pm
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Very good Duke. At least you picked up on it. If you are to be a general, there are going to be some people who do not like you because you are going to tell them what to do and you do not give a good goddam whether they like it or not.

The general is not your buddy. He is your general. Somebody gave him the power of God, and you'd be well off to consider that, with the whiff of a cigar, he can have you taken back behind the outhouse and have you shot. Before breakfast or after supper .... didn't matter. And there will be no one to say "wha?"

There is no one quite so powerful as a GnC in a war, unless you get to the CnC. Who is busy right now. So when your general says dump, you shout, "What color sir?" It does tend to keep you from being marched behind the outhouse.


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