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 Posted: Wed Mar 4th, 2009 06:38 pm
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From the veterans I've talked to... they aren't keen. Especially the combat vets when they see re-enactors who make light or are just "playing war."

I'm reminded of an incident at an event where we had an encampment; a WW2 Pacific War vet was there and quite interested. He listened to our whole speal and stayed after. He said that he really enjoyed listening to us talk of a soldier's life in the field, wasn't as far off of his own experiance as he had expected. He then told us about attending a WW2 re-enactment and discovered that one of the units was not only portraying his old Division but his old Company. He stayed after their talk and offered to show them how they actually wore their gear and how they carried their weapons a little differently than the re-enactors. He was rebuffed by being told that they had used photos and movie reals to get their gear and such correct. In short saying that they knew better than a man who had been there. The veteran nodded and smiled slightly then explained that the photos & movie they described watching had been done in Hawaii, before they went into combat.

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