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 Posted: Tue Aug 22nd, 2006 08:03 pm
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In my opinion, the "South" today remains the 11 states that secceeded.

Based on geography, those states certainly are southern. I would consider Missouri more mid-western than southern, and any state west of Texas as western. Kentucky is north of the Mason Dixon line, but so is Virginia........So, where does Kentucky fit in??.....West Virginia, in my opinion, is not southern, as they chose to identify with northern (Federal) values; thus removing geography from the equation.

Based on culture, I would still suggest the original 11 states, and excluding West Virginia, again, because they chose to identify with a "different" culture. I don't think Kentucky or Missouri are either southern or northern, but more of a mix; given the proximity of their northern borders and cultural "spill-over" from those borders which would keep them from being entirely "southern" in culture.

Albert Sailhorst, Scott's Battery

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