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 Posted: Thu Mar 5th, 2009 08:06 pm
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I'm late to the game on this post but thought I would put my 2 cents in.

Personally I believe that after Forts Donelson and Henry fell in Feb. 1862 it was all over but the shouting, being as the war turned out the way it did. Consequently, aside from the pipe dream of Eruopean Intervention the Confederacy's next hope of victory (and a very real hope) was the Presidential Election of 1864. If Joseph E. Johnston had not been replaced by the reckless and lovesick John Bell Hood Sherman would have still been bogged down in front of Atlanta or at least somewhere in Georgia. Grant would have been bogged down in front of Richmond and Petersburg. The butchers bill in both places would have continued to rise. The Red River campaign had been a disaster and the Federal attempt to bring Florida back into the Union had failed at Olustee, FL early that year. Lincoln came very close to losing the election. His saving grace was Jeff Davis replacing Joe Johnston.

As for Vicksburg and Gettysburg? Well Vicksburg was more important militarily, strategically, and logistically. It finished a key part of the original Union strategy (remember the Anaconda Plan?) while Gettysburg was just another failed invasion of the North by the South.

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