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 Posted: Sat Mar 7th, 2009 03:18 am
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Thanks to all of you for your suggestions! My ancestor was Charles D. Hammer, an Adjutant under Colonel Payne and an Aide to General Wood in the 124th Ohio Regiment. He was present at the Battle of Franklin, the "Battle of the Clouds" on Lookout Mountain, Resaca, New Hope Church, Jonesboro, Lovejoy Station, etc. I don't know if the memoir is interesting enough for publication, but I would of course love to see it published! It is 77 pages and includes all of his early life growing up in Pennsylvania and Ohio, his Army career, some of his experiences after the war with the Molly Maguires, and his subsequent careers and marriages. The main part is about the Civil War. Since he was an Aide, there are a lot of details about the homes that were commandeered for "Headquarters"  and personal details about the people he met and what he saw and experienced.  I have had lots of fun transcribing it! Does anyone have suggestions about who I could approach about publication? Thanks again!

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