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 Posted: Sat Mar 7th, 2009 03:51 am
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Here's a thought. You could self publish the work. Do a Google search of publishers who specialize in that. You will not get rich from this approach, but you will have the satisfaction of having  the memoirs in book form. If you seek out a publisher who is not a self publisher, you may have an uphill battle. Publishers are reluctant to take on memoirs lately because of embarassments they have  experienced lately with some  well known notorious"fictionalized" and embroidered memoirs.

A man who worked with Hubby had a very impressive ancestor who was an officer in the Civil War. This man spent a considerable amount of time researching his ancestor's past. He wrote up the results of all that extensive research and had it self published. I have read his book and actually it turned out to be quite interesting even though I had doubted it would be before I read it.

But the other consideration is that your papers might not lend themselves in their present form to a readable narrative. Which brings us back to the notion perhaps the memoirs would be of better use for a university with a history department or a museum. The museum or universtity might carefully examine the memoirs to see if they are authentic. Do not be insulted by that. They are just doing their job.

I hope you are able to do something with your papers. They might be of extra special interest to a researcher who is investigating the very battles your ancestor wrote about. I wish you luck.

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