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 Posted: Sat Mar 7th, 2009 07:50 pm
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My gr-gr-uncle was born in Wethersfield, CT.  Still do not know how he ended up in Louisville, KY. And with my 3rd gr-grandmother!

He was in the 2nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry and it was expanded to teh 2nd Regt., KY Mounted Imfantry. He was in Company E as a Second Lt. and  was a Captain when he died.

I had been looking for them in CT and NY for over 20 yrs. He had an older brother who had married and moved to Buffalo, NY. His brother was 12 yrs older than he, and his two sons joined fought for the Union.

The uncle was in the Orphan's Brigade.  He joined the Confederate States and was wounded on Jan 2, 1862. 

Rumors had it that he was taken to the hospital set up in the Presbyterian Church there, and died a few days later and was buried in the church's graveyard. Someone who knew the family went there several years later and found an old wooden cross with his name carved on it and took a pencil or something and tried to darken the name.

I still do not know if he is still buried there, or if he and other Confederate soldier's were all re-interred in a mass grave for CSA soldiers at Evergreen Nat'l. Cemetery near Stones River.


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