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 Posted: Sun Mar 8th, 2009 12:01 am
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Pizza dough will work fine, but make sure it's had time to fully rise before using it. Roll it fairly thin. Make sure you crimp (or fold over) the edge completely since leaks can be a real mess. Once folded, I cover top & bottom with an egg wash. Poke holes ar small slit in top. Bake at about 35 minutes at 350. I'm hungry.

Thanks, Javal. Have made note of the recommendation. This will make use of the largely unused rolling pin and the homemade bread board (3 x 3) that Dear One's mother used to have and I cannot bear to discard.

We have all kinds of inherited crap that we almost never use, and rolling out the dough will lend some justification to keeping it.

The bread board: Dear One's father made it and it is huge. No reason to keep it except for sentimental reasons. I really ought to see if we still have it, as Dear One is given to sneak things out of sight and gone. About five years from now, I'll be looking for that board and she will blink her eyes and say, "What board?"

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