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 Posted: Tue Mar 10th, 2009 01:21 am
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Hey All....  Glad to see responses to my thread ..  Interesting pics Regina and minuteman2..  Just my thoughts on min2 pics, the pic of orb over rock i cant explain, doesnt appear to be dust or a smudge, the pic with what looks like an apperition in the trees looks like it might be composition problem, but not sure, lol.  Regina, havent been able to explain any of your pics, def strange... 

 ShadowHunter, sorry i wasnt able to get back to you earlier but am still interested in getting a group together to go to gettysburg. You have other equipment???  I Only Use my Cameras and a small evp recorder.

 I have been to gettysburg many times and have taken thousands of pics and only have had a few (maybe 10) that have come up with something. I will be posting the one thats really got me baffled soon, but it has to be blown up to see the figure, not altered, just blown up and am having trouple uploading it to this site in a viewable state. 

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