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 Posted: Thu Mar 12th, 2009 04:15 pm
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Thanks Dixie Girl. I'm probably not as "pirate" as you think. Ha Ha. I just take a common sense approach to the conflict. I've been accused of being a neo-confederate but I'm not that at all. I don't fit in with the "keep it flying crowd". (Realize that I am not accusing you of this, just stating my stance) I like to consider myself a dedicated student of The Conflict.  I have an eclectic view of the war. For example I think the idea of "states rights" is over played and I like William Techumseh Sherman. On the other hand I reject even the notion that the Civil War was a moral crusade to end slavery and refuse to accept the continual insistence by the "everyday historian" to beat that into our heads. My take is slavery caused secession, and secession caused the Civil War. But what the war was fought over becomes blurred beyond recognition. To really know why the war was fought we would have to be able to know why each individual went to war and that is impossible. Walt Whitman said "...the real war will never get into the books." I believe this is true. We'll never know for sure why and how? We just have to remember.

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