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 Posted: Sat Mar 14th, 2009 06:44 pm
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Yes and no, depends on what unit and where. Forrest was Forrest but Wheeler, as one example, got his heiny handed to him a couple times. Greirson's raid, Wilson's Selma campaign etc.

In a lot of ways it was two different wars, the fighting in the East w/ the AoP & ANV then the fighting out west. A whole different environment and a different class of soldiers IMO, on both sides. As an an example compare the fighting around Atlanta to anything in the eastern theatre or the Red River Campaign and Banks Grand Retreat. Or if you want to have a lot of fun follow AJ Smith's Division on a map after they left the AoT. Nobody in the eastern theatre even remotely compares to that kind of marching by "foot cav." And also one cannot overlook the actions against the Native Americans in the "Dakota Uprising."

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