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 Posted: Mon Mar 16th, 2009 04:53 pm
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And they were still not allowed firearms... The topic of Slaves as Southern Soldiers pretty much has been answered, slaves were not used as soldiers in the CS. Were there black men who fought in the ranks of the CS? Absolutely; but their number was insignificant, being, IMO, as significant a number as the women who pretended to be men so that they might fight in the ranks. IN other words one or two here and there do not make the often used number of 50,000 or the patently ridiculous number of 250,000 I've seen put forward on other sites.

Did those who did serve give good service? There is nothing to suggest that they didn't but their treatment in the south after the war should shame any who have a vested interest on the subject.

There is one monument to a Black man in CS service; and he is not shown w/ arms.

There are many to those of the USCT or what would become the USCT.

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