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 Posted: Tue Mar 17th, 2009 12:45 am
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Let's face it, the black Confederate soldier is largely a myth.  Did some black people pick up a gun and voluntarily fight for the Confederacy?  Likely some, stranger things have happened, but not in any official capacity.  And most all of the cooks, teamsters, and laborers worked involuntarily.
It largely is a myth. The only reason it can't be condemned as a lie is that one can never insist never or always.

Of course there were some fighting freedmen and slaves in the Confederate ranks. (Never and always.)  It is as foolish to say there were none as to insist that there were more than 100,000.

Freedmen were getting paid for driving teams (allbeit in worthless money), or slave owners were getting paid for hiring out their slaves for driving teams (allbeit in worthless money). So it becomes a silly argument to insist that blacks fought for their country. In a few cases, that might have been true. In most, it is a claim for the benevolence of the master and the slavish devotion and gratitude of the slave.


Almost all of the black confederates were obligated to serve or were paid for their service. Almost none of them carried a musket. (Some did ... don't get me wrong.) But the entire argument is based on the happiness of the slave or black freedman with his lot. So much as to demonstrate that slavery was not that bad.

All the darkies are a' singin.' Works for some. Not for me.



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