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 Posted: Wed Mar 18th, 2009 01:05 am
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borderuffian wrote:

I don't know about Bearss or Krick but I do know that McPherson, Blight and Foner have an extremely biased view of history.  They are leftist academics and leftists see history as a tool to advance their political agenda.

I had a class with Eric Foner at Columbia.  I've talked to him a number of times and he was of immense help in formulating and writing my master's thesis.  He never brought his politics into his lectures or our discussions, and I believe that he, and the others mentioned, are much more professional than to use their scholarship to promote political agendas. 

"Now that's funny.

In one sentence- no one has "ever been kinder to a similar group/movement than it has been to the Confederacy."

And in the next they're called the "Lost Cause mythology."

Yes, the Lost Cause is a myth.  It was a carefully constructed image of the Old South and its struggle for independence that is still prevalent in historiography today.  In the past few decades a number of historians have began to analyze the way that the history of the Era was constructed and by whom.

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