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 Posted: Wed Mar 18th, 2009 02:20 am
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Hi CleburneFan, Iron Duke, et al. and thanks for your interest.

The book is not a full campaign study but (hopefully) a more focused view on the battles at the gates of Atlanta, and the fate that befell the civilians of Atlanta as well.  The book opens with Sherman crossing the Chattahoochee, then Hood replaces Johnston and pretty much all hell breaks loose.  I'd like to think that my story is a little different than the excellent work Castel, McMurry, Davis and others have done in the past.  As I hope you'll see, I really enjoy focusing on the characters:  not only Sherman and Johnston and Hood, but Cleburne, Thomas, Hooker, Howard, Harrison, Wheeler etc. etc.

Amazon link here.  I really appreciate your taking early notice of the book.

Kind regards,

Russell Bonds, Marietta, Georgia

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