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 Posted: Thu Mar 19th, 2009 07:21 am
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Dear Doc C,

Three things:

Kate Chase, per Team of Rivals, very sad ending to her life. Her marriage to William Sprague fell apart after the war. She had an affair with Rep. Roscoe Conkling of NY, Sprague found them together in his mansion, went after Sprague with a shotgun and later tried to throw Kate out of a 2nd story window. She obtained a divorce and moved to Washington where she died fairly young--58--in poverty. Very surprising, eh, considering she had been the belle of Washington society.

Did you know that Lady Di and Colin Powell were cousins--apparently through a Jamaica planter connection, or something like that. Do you have any Spencer-Powell connections? I just met an African-American reenactor from Phila. who's descended from William Carney, the first AA Medal of Honor Awardee from Ft. Wagner. but also he's a Cromwell from a Barbados planter connection, ca. 1692, so very likely he's related to Oliver!! Just goes to show you seldom know who people really are.

Do any Tryons show up in the Spencer book?  They were a very wealthy Dutch family who immigrated to England and funded Puritan Churches. I would assume they're also the Tryons of NY. A line ended up buying a lot of property in CT.


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