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 Posted: Fri Mar 20th, 2009 01:24 am
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Actually javal requested that this thread be allowed to die about 5 or 6 posts back. It was ignored. If someone decides to reject my strong suggestion, I'm really rather indifferent to the complaints of those who then find themselves too thin-skinned to be disagreed with. I've seen no name-calling. I've seen one member call something ridiculous, which is within his rights since he quoted what he thought was ridiculous.

As of now I refuse to close the thread and relieve members of the onus of acting like adults. The only way you're not going to be disagreed with is by not expressing an opinion. I personally couldn't care less if there were 10 or 10,000 black Confederates. But if y'all want to argue about it incessantly, then don't be surprised when it gets heated.

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