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 Posted: Sat Mar 21st, 2009 12:57 am
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I suppose I first encountered this CW episode in one of Mr. Catton's books way back in HS-Wilderness,1864, when Gordon's men burst out of the woods on the flank of the VI Corps. Gen. J Sedgewick was trying to rally his men, when a Confederate on a black hores(officer?) approached with revolver leveled at Sedgewick and uttered those memorable words. Whenever I read anything on the Wilderness, I turn to that attack first and in most accounts it's mentioned. Truth or legend-can anyone steer me to the original source? Supposedly, this pithy rebel was shot down. Is there a matching Confederate casualty-probably from one of Gordon's Ga. regiments. I checked the 13th Ga. last night, but I didn't see any likely matches.

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