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 Posted: Sun Mar 22nd, 2009 11:52 am
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If Lee waits a day or two for his entire army to assemble, doesn't that also give Meade a day or two to assemble his army — which, in some ways, is more dispersed than Lee's at the outset?

If Meade elects to be on the defensive (as putting himself between Lee and Washington DC would require), that extra time also allows him to entrench more thoroughly. I expect you'd see a different kind of battle (if not a different outcome) at Gettysburg if there were a day or two delay for both armies to concentrate.

Gettysburg is an accidental meeting engagement, not an objective. I usually have this image in my head of Gettysburg as a big meat grinder where units were thrown in, both piecemeal and at big slabs at a time, as they arrived. Turns out, the Union had more meat.

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