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 Posted: Mon Mar 23rd, 2009 03:16 pm
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Maybe this question of Lee should be turned around. Why not haste? Lee spent precious time urging his generals to attack, to no avail. He thought time and time again, that delays and urgency cost them advantages in many of the battles fought.

The first day of Gettysburg is a good example, as Ewell failed to follow up the advantage after taking the town, not wishing to continue the fight and push the Union off the Heights as Lee had wished. The delays the second morning allowed Union forces to reinforce their positions even more.

Shelby Foote filled three books with the disappointments of presidents, commanders, and generals of both sides in relation to the lack of a sense of urgency to quickly react to advantageous situations or press the attack.


"the way to whip an enemy is to get 'em skeered, and then keep the skeer on 'em"
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