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 Posted: Thu Mar 26th, 2009 02:52 pm
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Old Blu wrote: Any view contrary to what I posted is from the likes of socialist leaning authors and the work they do at creating biased books with the intent to make money from the north.
Screw the South and the truth.

Old Blu,

Doc C is right there no leftist agenda here just an observation about Lee. All I am saying is Longstreet is quoted more then once about Lee and his "Blood lust" in battle. I can tell the history has ignored these comments by Longstreet as he was just trying to tarnish Lee's image but I say is lets take them as truth and then look at Lee's behavior during battle and see if there is truth in Longstreet's words. Lets look at his behavior in life did he have any of what would be called "Thrill seeker" behavior...

I have search the web and form anything except Michael Fellman's "Making of Robert E. Lee and a article by him called "Struggling with Robert E. Lee" but there not what I was looking for...

I found lots of lock(Pay for) magazine articles where people have done psychological work ups of Lee and from what little I can tell is Lee was no "Marble man"...

No one has taking Longstreet's words and looked to see if they ring with truth, remember Longstreet stand next to Lee in a many battles he should know what he is talking about....was Lee an Adrenalin Freak..or maybe the word "Bloodlust had a different meaning in the 1860's...

Some thoughts to ponder..





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