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 Posted: Mon Mar 30th, 2009 10:01 pm
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5fish wrote: Reconstruction horrors are nonthing but fallacy. At the end of Reconstruction, the Southern states were all under the control of X-confederates and the Freedman labour was back under white control.

These vile names Carpetbaggers, Scalawgs and Radicals are all vile names to label the people who were trying to bring progressive change to the south but were crushed the the enbitted whites of the redeemer movement.

I know the Reconstruction period quite well and the Reconstruction interpretation of your's come from the Dunning school which basically describes those years from 1865 to 1877 as the darkest days in our nation history. It is a false interpretation for if you read about the period you see the white southerns complained about freedman and that x confederates were not allowed to vote. You do not read about starving people in the streets but you do read that allot of once rich people were now just average.

There was this redeemer movement that rose up of white x-confederates that slowly regain power in each state accusing the progressives of corruption and promising keep the whites safe from the Freedmen. So by 1877 redeemers control every state of the old confederacy and within years of 1877 the Supreme Court rules "separate but equal" and the "Jim Crow" laws come in full force by 1890's.

By 1877 the Freedmen labor was well under the control of the whites in the x-confederate states.. 


How active were these 'progressives' in advancing the rights of blacks in northern states?  Or were they active at all?

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