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"There is nothing in History as magnifcent as Thomas at Chickamauga!"

B/Gen. Henry Cist

Thomas, with 25,000 (less than half the Army of the Cumberland) troops who gathered around him at Horseshoe Ridge held off the Army of Tennessee from about 1:00PM till dusk, until he could withdraw.  Until then, he fought off Longstreet, who claimed he made 25 attacks against the Union lines.  His troops fought almost continuously and were running out of ammunition when he gave the orders to withdraw.

He pulled out under orders from Rosecrans and marched to Rossville where he posted his weary army to guard against Confederate attacks.  None came and he made camp and he and his Army slept.  Thomas had not slept since he pulled XIV Corps out of McLemore's Cove and joined the rest of the AOTC. 

Garfield, who joined him while Lonstreet was attacking, claimed Thomas was "standing like a rock"  Thus the name "The Rock of Chickamuga."

If you mean to imply that "Thomas" was defeated at Chickamauga you are wrong.  Thomas was subordinate to Rosecrans, who as CO is responsible for the loss.

If your criteria is applied, then Thomas won the battle of Chattanooga.  Only his forces fought the battle.  Sherman had given up.




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