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 Posted: Thu Apr 2nd, 2009 08:12 pm
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Many if not all followers of Civil War history have wonder form time to time why Gen. Grant kept Gen. Meade in charge of the AoP. Historians and history buffs all thought because Gen. Meade did win Gettysburg, he was not afraid to fight, and he was competent general.

I beg to deffer with this insight to why Gen. Grant kept Gen Meade as commander of the AoP. After reading the Official reports about Shiloh where Gen. Grant writes glowing praise on Sherman and ignores Gen, Prentiss, and writes token praise of the other generals who fought to whole the line against the rebels at Shiloh, I believe Gen. Grant kept Gen. Meade on for one purpose only!

GEN. Grant kept GEN. MEADE around to be the scape goat if the Overland Campaign went bad!!!

After reading about how Gen. Grant and Gen. Halleck back stabbed Gen. Lew Wallace, I can see that Gen. Grant was not this naive political person but man who would sacrifice others for his own political gains and ends.

History treats Gen, Grant as a non-political person but think to get ahead an reach the high offices of the military you must be political. The man Gen Grant was not naive at politics or he would have never became the Head of all the armies.

Again Historians have failed to give us an honest image of a man named Grant, just like with Gen. Lee's image...


Gen. Meade was to be the fall guy if thing went bad against Gen. Lee!!!

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