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 Posted: Sat Apr 4th, 2009 06:26 pm
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One doesn't get to be a Lt. General without some weighty politician carrying the ball.

I just don't see Grant playing that card. He got Lincoln's notice because he won. Consistently. Almost always. He wasn't looking at an office after the war; he just sought to win. Lincoln could see that. And Lincoln let him take the reins because of that simple fact.

Here was a man who prosecuted the war to win it; there was no "I want to be the next president."

Without Washburne, Grant would not have made Brigadier. After that, Grant stood on his own accomplishments. He nurtured the Sherman and Sheridan and McPherson, and cut the legs off McClernand. Not exactly apolitical, but not exactly political either. He made his army HIS army. If you did not want to play his game his way, sayonara. You get to play army in Oregon.

In Grant, I see a simple man with a simple end-game. He was going to kick the crap out of whoever stood in his way to winning. No presidential aspirations, no trophies or medals, just win.

Sherman got his jollies by realizing that he was better than he thought. I wonder, sometimes, if Grant wasn't in the same boat.


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