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 Posted: Sat Apr 4th, 2009 07:10 pm
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“I will differ to the sympathy that "The Iron Duke" expressed earlier and not participate in slandering or demeaning of another great general for the benefit of elevating another.


Why is telling the truth defined as demeaning?  I can prove all that I have said.  After Chickamauga and Chattanooga, your heroes, Grant and Sherman demeaned Thomas at every turn.  Would you like to see the easily verifiable truths in the Official O.R.’s?


This is the second thread in as many days that present to this board how the majority of historians have gotten it all wrong for a hundred plus years. I bow down to you and others that have been able to interpret the final presentation of what history should be for the rest of us.


What makes you think all historians are infallible?  Some historians claim Grant didn’t drink or drank only a little.  Yet Sherman said he drank to excess.  So did his wife as well as Lincoln’s wife along with many others.  If I’m upsetting some hero worship I sincerely apologize.  But, I prefer to deal in truths or what I perceive to be truth.  After the battle of Chattanooga, Grant wrote that “the battle was fought as planned.”  As big a falsehood that was ever claimed!


Thomas was indeed a great general in all regards and as history records a man of modesty and remarkable ability. Kind consideration for the feeling of others was one of his marked characteristics. You would think that one assuming to take his sobriquet honored the example he set in life.


He was also truthful and did what he thought was right and fought his battles with his men’s lives at the forefront as opposed to others!


I’m sorry to have offended you but the truth will out!






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