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 Posted: Sat Apr 4th, 2009 11:13 pm
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You assume way too much, Sherman & Grant are not my heroes. Historical documents prove that then Col. Grant found a way to get his commission back into the Army in 1861 on the back of my ancestor he replaced in Illinois. Our family has no love for the man. I never agreed with Sherman's tactics for "Hard War", but it does not change the fact those tactics were effective.

Yes Grant and Sherman demeaned Thomas. SO WHAT. Grant was a drunk. SO WHAT. Sherman was a little nutty. SO WHAT.

Historians are not always correct nor get it right, but more often than not they do. What your crying about is that history didn't favor YOUR hero over the two men that were perceived by the world at the time to be the heroes.

No hero worship hear my friend. Your perceived truths are just that perceived. The people of the North bet on Sherman and Grant and history records them fulfilling those bets. Grant received Lee's surrender, Sherman received Johnston's surrender, and Thomas received the surrender of who??

Yes, Thomas was a good General that played in the second theater of war that no one much cared about in the North. Your claim to his fame, is his standing his ground in the middle of a defeat while the rest of the Northern Army panicked. Okay, Go Rock It still stands that Chickamauga was a terrible defeat for the North. You rave about Missionary Ridge, but Old Slowtrot himself said he had nothing to do with his men going up the ridge. :shock: Hey, Who's in command here!

General Hood decides to murder his own Army to teach them that breastworks can be charged at Franklin. NO ONE expected this including his own generals whom he left dead on the field or wounded. Schofield certainly didn't expect it, he was just trying to get the hell out of town. So Hood takes what's left of a battered, shell shocked, and demoralized army with but few veteran commanders of any rank to Nashville. We all know the begging that went on to get Old Slowtrot out of his breastworks to take on the remnants of this Army. For the life of me how this was considered a brilliant victory for Thomas, I will never know. Not much of a challenge at this point in the war, with an inept commander that just murdered his own army.

Go Rock of Chickamauga!

Yes, when it was all said and done in 1865 Grant and Sherman got all the glory. One was a drunk, the other a nut, but together they are perceived in truth by most to have won the war. Like you everyone is entitled to their own truths.

Thomas, just overlooked I guess. A third rate general in a second theater of war.

Is this the response you were looking for?


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