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 Posted: Sun Apr 5th, 2009 04:41 pm
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Below are a few period recipes I've prepared in the field while campaigning.

Apples.. eaten raw, w/ or w/out skins w/ Hardtack oar'deuvre.

Apples, sliced and cored tossed into the canteen half w/ the salt pork and some taters. Fried until they're all dead.

Corn, still in the husk... toss into the fire and watch until they finish steaming. If they start on fire and the kernals are burnt... give em to the reb prisoners and be happy w/ the govt pilot bread.

Camp pot: Sweet taters sliced very thin, salt pork sliced thin, add a handful of dried apples, a couple turnips, cabbage and onions sliced fine if you can "acquire" them. Add the residual coffee beans from the coffee pot and a handful of salt. Cover w/ water and cook until it looks done or until you have to hit the march.

"Happy soldiers Breakfast" Two egges stolen, a handful of flour "borrowed" and a couple parsnips donated from the ground. Take a bit of the issue salt horse and grease the pan. Slice it real thin like and fry it up like bacon. Eat the bacon as you add the sliced parsnips to the pan. Make sure you don't spill no grease. Once the parsnips is soft eat em up and toss in the eggs and flour and bake into a bread. Damn site better than nothing and plenty filling.

"Footsore soldiers coffee" Whatever beans the commisary pretends are coffee, add a handful of willow bark and chichory. Boil...

The only man who ever threw away his spent coffee beans is a man who never went hungry. We saved them and fried them up with some salt pork. A bit crunchy and bitter, but was something for the stomach.

Men w/ experiance in the Armies of the Continent generally boiled their rations thus making soups, men from the US who had never served preffered to fry their food. The men who ate soup were generally healthier.

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