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 Posted: Sun Apr 5th, 2009 11:31 pm
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We have discuss Grant's raise to become Commander of all the armies before. I will try to review it for you. After his victories at Vicksburg and Chattanooga, Grant was the most popular soul in the land...His name was being used in some circles as to run for President.

Washburne and other approached Lincoln about revising Lt. Gen. position and promoting Grant to Lt. General. Lincoln was open to the idea but he had some concerns. He wanted to know if Grant had any desire to be President and to see if he was a Democrat or Republican....He truly wanted to know if Grant was a political threat or not.

Lincoln and Grant shared a mutual friend(can't remember the name) and Lincoln sent this mutual friend to talk to Grant and find out what were Grant's desires...The friend came back and told Lincoln, Grant had no desire to President and he was a Republican.

Grant by winning battles put him in position to achieve the honor as Lt. General but it was politics that got him the job....

Grant's record with politically powerful Generals is stellar for he outmaneuvered and dispatched with them all ....Grant also became president even if your are popular it still take political skills become President...He did end Sen. Sumner's power in the Senate,,

For the record Lew Wallace was the "scape goat" for Shiloh... He was young and Halleck and Grant offered him up to save thier skins.. It was Grant that was surprised at Shiloh not Lew Wallace...

It is said Grant was of mind to replace Meade until he meet him...He supposedly like his candor and humility. I think Grant like Meade not being very political which means he could easily outmaneuvered and make him a "Scape goat"....

A musing....







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