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 Posted: Tue Apr 7th, 2009 06:09 am
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I must concur with The Iron Duke's first post above. In defending Thomas, you're guilty of the same things you accuse Grant and Sherman of doing, namely slander. Thomas was always right, but Grant was a lying drunk. Thomas had the best plans, but they were corrupted by that crazy Sherman who got jealous of Grant's butchery back East. You do your argument no justice if you rely on ad hominem attacks in order to make it.

That being said, Thomas was an excellent commander. (I like to think of him as the Union Longstreet. :P) He performed ably throughout the war, and was superb at Chickamauga. I do agree that he has often gotten short shrift by history, though I don't believe it's because of some "liberal academic" conspiracy, as you mentioned in your initial posting.

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