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 Posted: Wed Apr 8th, 2009 04:41 am
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"Thomas had the best plans, but they were corrupted by that crazy Sherman who got jealous of Grant's butchery back East."

Not my statement either.  John Logan made that statement.  Its in Castel’s “Decision in the West”"

On which page of Castel's book can we find this?

"Chickamauga was a draw? I'm sure that would be news to the men of the Army of the Cumberland. And please explain how the Battle of Nashville is comparable with the battles of Old Fritz.

News to me too!"

Well that is posted on the website that you claim is yours: 

"His fame originated at one battle. When, with remnants of the Army of the Cumberland, he fought Bragg’s Army of Tennessee to a draw at Chickamauga Creek."

"Who's "old Fritz?

No fair trick questions!"

If you don't know who Old Fritz is then how can you make comparisons to him?

"Cleburne is here!" meant that all was well. -Daniel Harvey Hill
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