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 Posted: Thu Apr 9th, 2009 02:50 am
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I wouldn't classify Jackson as perfect during the Seven Days Campaign. In fact he was anything but. As to his personal skills, i.e. ability to operate with his subordinates, well this was also lacking. Just look at his relationship with Hill, Ewell and others. There are numerous posts as to that if Jackson had been at Gettysburg a different outcome would have been achieved, well I would like to hear the reasons why. Attack Cemetery Hill and Culps Hill the pm of day 1. Have you ever seen those heights, I would venture to say that there are no steeper hills which were assaulted by any civil war troops during the cw. Although Jackson's greatest achievement was his Shenondoah Campaign and accomplished great things, he did face 3 of the possibly least able generals in the union army.

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