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George H. Thomas took over command and began consolidating forces on Horseshoe Ridge and Snodgrass Hill. Although the Rebels launched determined assaults on these forces, they held until after dark. Thomas then led these men from the field leaving it to the Confederates.

(Yea, I kind of agree, it was a draw. He drew his men right off the field of battle!

The Union retired to Chattanooga while the Rebels occupied the surrounding heights.

It was just after this point, it was determined they more than likely would have to abandon
Chattanooga as their supplies were cut off and they were starving.

But low and behold a Savior appeared in the presence of a telegram from General U.S. Grant who said "hey wait a minute, hold that position" I will be right down and show you how to re-supply your station and we can beat them. Thomas courageously said. "I will hold till we starve."

Thus, this was the first time that Grant stuck a boot up his butt get him motivated. Second at

"the way to whip an enemy is to get 'em skeered, and then keep the skeer on 'em"
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