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 Posted: Tue Aug 29th, 2006 03:37 pm
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It's great to find a Civil War gem in the rough. These are places you stumble onto, intending to spend a minute but stay an hour; a secluded nook on a busy battlefield parks and or a spot tucked way in nowhereville. ConnYankee's post about Maryland Heights got me thinking about it, and I offer a few places I have visited just to whet your appetite. Please add your own.

Maryland Heights near Harper's Ferry - thanks Conn, have a beer on me after the hike...

Ball's Bluff -especially with Jim Morgan around, give Jim a beer after the hike ;)

Confederate cemetery in Chattanooga -not sure of the exact directions but it's surrounded by a stone wall and all the graves are unmarked but one

Fort Davidson, Ironton Missouri - a big little battle,

Guinea Station - where Jackson died, almost always deserted,

Fort Ward - Alexandria VA, nice restoration of a capitol-guarding fort. Hard to believe it was in the country in the 1860s…

Charlestown WV courthouse - where John Brown was tried and hanged a couple of blocks away

Glasgow MO - another little battle, nice walking tour among the old houses

Perryville, KY - nice tour and guidebook at this overlooked and beautful  battlefield



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