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 Posted: Thu Apr 9th, 2009 05:43 pm
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Thanks Ole & Albert.

First to answer Ole, Duncan field, mainly. Joseph and Harriet Duncan were my g-g-grandparents. Thomas and Rebecca Strawn Hurley were my g-g-g-grandparents. They owned the plantation that was north of the current park, and I believe I've seen a map that showed the two families' land shared a boundary. The Duncans' son married the Hurleys' granddaughter. Thomas Hurley died long before the battle, and Rebecca remarried to John G.W. Hagy. So, I have a half-relation to the field noted as "Hagy field" on Major Reed's maps.

Now for Albert, my mother's family was pretty much all from McNairy and Hardin Counties, but I don't see the name Flowers on my family tree. My grandparents were J.C. Taylor and Winnie Duncan Taylor (who grew up on the battlefield, across from the UDC monument, and used to tell me about the days when the monuments were being erected). Other names in my ancestry: Woolverton (or Wolverton), Holman, Williams, Shults and Kemp. (My g-g-grandmother had three brothers who fought for the Union with Hurst's Worst.) Since both our families were in McNairy County long before the Civil War, I'm sure we're cousins.


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