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 Posted: Thu Apr 9th, 2009 11:58 pm
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Your post, I feel, does nothing to change my view that the institution of slavery didn't contribute to the cw. The first 13th ammendment was a failed attempt to end the war. This ammendment (Corwin) passed both chambers (24/12 in the senate) but since the only states remaining in the union were northern, these states refused to vote on it. Again, as I pointed out earlier, would the cw have occurred if slavery did not exist. Probably not, (I refrain from using the word certainly because as the old saying goes, "theres only 2 things certain in life - death and what's, ugh, coming up next Wednesday". The differences between the 2 regions could probably have been rssolved without violence. I agree that initially Lincoln only cared for the preservation of the union. However, carefully read his speeches and letters after the emanicipation proclamation. His views changed. Yes, the average soldier probably wasn't fighting for or against slavery but his opinion didn't really account for much.

Doc C

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